Japanese Car Auctions, Japan Car Auction Exports.

The days when cars were auctioned by a man with a gavel are long since gone here. Japanese car auctions are held over the Internet or satellite link with buyers at the auction house (kaijo) competing with remote buyers through the same online computer system.

Japan car auctions often divide different groups of vehicles into different corners – so you might have the corner of a foreign car, an accident vehicle history corner, etc. These corners are each assigned a batch of auction numbers. So, the corner of the foreign car might be from 07001 to 07699, which will be auctioned from, for example, 14:00 to 15:00 in the afternoon.

Each corner may well also be assigned a particular lane. This is like a mini-auction within the main auction. So you can often have a number of lanes running simultaneously. When you are dealing with a lot of different bids from different customers at auctions and lanes that are coming up very close to each other, or even simultaneously, it can be very difficult to keep track of each vehicle and make sure none slip through when we are bidding on others.

Fuji4Cars uses a sophisticated real-time bid management program and different alarms and strategies to make sure we hit all the bids our customers want us to make. With cars being auctioned every few seconds, this is a very skilled job.

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  • Honda Kansai
  • Honda Sendai
  • Honda Tokyo
  • Honda Nagoya
  • Honda Fukuoka
  • Honda Hokkaido
  • JU Tokyo
  • USS-R Nagoya
  • Aucnet


  • AAAI Sendai
  • CAA Gifu
  • CAA Tokyo
  • JU Saitama
  • JU Shizuoka
  • JU Nagano
  • JU Mie
  • JU Yamaguchi
  • SAA Sapporo
  • TAA Kyushu
  • TAA Kinki
  • TAAHiroshima
  • TAA Minami Kyushu
  • TAA Hokkaido
  • USS Kobe
  • USS Yokohama
  • ZIP Tokyo


  • BCNCAA Chubu
  • GNNIsuzu Makuhari
  • JAAJU Ishikawa
  • JU Ibaraki
  • KCAA Ebino
  • LAA Shikoku
  • USS Sapporo
  • USS Tohoku
  • USS Niigata
  • USS Fujioka
  • USS Fukuoka
  • Hero
  • BayAuc


  • AAA Oyama
  • AAA FukuokaIsuzu Kyushu
  • JU Aichi
  • JU Shinagawa
  • JU Gunma
  • JU Sapporo
  • JU Hiroshima
  • JU Fukushima
  • JU Toyama
  • KCAA Fukuoka
  • LAA Kansai
  • NAA Osaka
  • NAA Nagoya
  • SAA Hamamatsu
  • TAA Kanto
  • TAA Chubu
  • TAA Tohoku
  • USS Tokyo
  • ZIP Osaka
  • HAA Osaka


  • AAAI Bayside
  • Isuzu Kobe
  • JAA Tsukuba
  • JU / LAA Okayama
  • JU Okinawa
  • JU Chiba
  • JU Tochigi
  • JU Niigata
  • JU Fukuoka
  • JU Miyagi
  • KCAA Yamaguchi
  • NAA Tokyo
  • USS Osaka
  • USS Nagoya
  • USS Nishi Tokyo
  • USS Hokuriku


  • CAA Tohoku
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